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10 activities to take advantage of the snow in winter

While snow is covering northern regions of North America, you can either run away from it or embrace the cold season! Here is our list of 10 activities to take advantage of the snow during winter.

1. Skiing, Jackson Hole, WY, USA


We are starting the list with the obvious choice of skiing! Since Jackson Hole was elected in 2017 by Forbes as the top ski resort destination in North America, you might want to check it out. In average, you will spend 7.5 minutes from the top to the bottom of the slopes! The village has also good eating options as well as top notch coffee shops to warm you up after a long day of skiing.

2. The Tubing Hill, Copper Mountain, CO, USA


Skiing is great of course, but sliding down a hill on a tube is thrilling! Copper Mountain is offering just that with its dedicated Tubing hill. Slide down on your own or team up with friends to reach more speed. The activity is as fun for kids as grownups so bring the whole family!

3. Valcartier snow slide village, QC, Canada

Valcartier tubing

The location is well known for its water slides experience during summer, but the park located in Quebec, Canada, receives a huge amount of snow during winter and becomes a snow slides park during the cold season. The park has more than 35 snow slides, snow rafting, high speed slides, skating path and much more. Take advantage of the various packages including accommodation to spend a couple of days there!

4. Winter camping, Adirondacks, NY, USA

Winter camping

Camping in summer is great, but winter camping brings your game to a whole new level! There is no better playground than the Adirondacks to do it. With the incredible amount of hiking options, you will have enough to keep you busy during the day. Make sure to get your information in advance and bring good gears!

5. Fatbike, Cuyuna Lakes, MN, USA

Fatbike is defined as a bicycle with large tires designed for travel on snow or sandy land. It provides increased traction to prevent the bicycle from falling over easily. Cuyuna mountain bike trail system is slowly becoming a top destination for fat biking. Approximately 40 miles of multi-use trails are available for the experience.

6. Dogsled trips, Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge, MN, USA


Allegedly the nation’s oldest dogsled center with more than 35 years of experience, Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge offers all kind of experience. Spend an evening with the dogs or embark on a 5 days journey with wild camping, dogsled, snowshoeing, etc. Whether you are a big group or simply with your partner, it is the right place if you are looking for the real dogsled experience!

7. Ice climbing, Yamnuska Mountain Adventures, AB, Canada

Ice climbing

Thrill-seekers eagerly wait for winter to challenge the icy rock. Head North to Alberta to experience ice climbing in the Canadian Rockies. Yamnuska Mountain Adventures offers a wide range of ice climbing instruction and guiding for people of all skill levels. Join a beginner class or hire a private guide to take you on world class ice climbing spots!

8. Cross-country skiing, Stowe Mountain Resort, VT, USA


Skiing down the slopes is great, but to get a real feeling of the inside of the forest, you have to go for cross-country skiing. Stowe Mountain Resort provides about 20 miles of trails with 9-12 inches of packed snow. You shouldn’t have to worry too much about the wind since the snow covered trees will keep you shielded.

9. Snowmobiling, Togwotee Mountain Lodge, WY, USA


Attack the snow at full speed with a snowmobile adventure. The very popular Togwotee Mountain Lodge can guide you on a portion of more than 600 miles of groomed trails and 2.5 million acres of powdered snow within Bridger Teton National Forest. Choose one of their many tours or simply rent a snowmobile. Tours are tailored to all kind of riders, from beginners to the extreme experience.

10. Ice skating, Yosemite National Park, CA, USA

Ice skating

If you are not so much into extreme sports, you should simply find a beautiful spot to skate on the ice. Yosemite National Park invites people since 1928 to admire the view on their skates while breathing fresh air. You will have the possibility to rent all of your gears if you don’t already own skates. When you start feeling the cold temperature a bit too much, find the cozy fire pit to lay back and warm you up!


Tell us in the comment section your favorite winter sports!

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