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Former members of Allo-Stop, discover

Allo-Stop ridesharing service paved the way for ridesharing in Canada more than 30 years ago. Now that this service is closed, former members of Allo-Stop and newcomers to ridesharing can discover for a reliable, simple and safe solution.

In the past, ridesharing matches were done through a complex system of boards, which also limited the expansion of ridesharing. offers a web based application accessible on all your devices that allows booking and payment of a ride directly online. Subscription is also free for drivers and passengers. If you enjoyed Allo-Stop, you will love

 Covoiturage allo stop

No more hassle, thanks to booking and payment online

Passengers must book and pay their seat online. The rates depend on each trip, so check available ridesharing offers for the price of a ride. The driver gets his money by bank transfer. He no longer needs make change for payment of passengers or having to stop at an ATM to get his money. Everyone wins!

Trustworthy members

Members can choose their rideshare with the help of several trust criteria:

Bio: Members can provide a short bio to introduce themselves to the whole network of

Rating: When a rideshare is completed, members can rate each others on a 5 stars rating system. The average is then displayed on a ride offer.

Comments: Comments left by other members are displayed on the ride offer.

Piece of I.D.: Members can provide a piece of ID to increase the level of trust towards other members. Their ride offer is then displayed with a green checkmark.

Status of a driver: A status (bronze, silver, gold, platinum) is given to drivers depending on the number of passenger already transported.

Destinations all accross Canada and United States

While former members of Allo-Stop were used to having a separate ridesharing service according to their region in Quebec, including an office that was for Allo Stop Montreal and one for Allo Stop Quebec, offers a centralized service online for all destinations.

Do you have travel plans in Quebec, Canada or the United States? Post your trip or book your ride now on

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Rideshare Toronto to Montreal

Rideshare Ottawa-Montreal

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Rideshare Trois-Rivières

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And many more!

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