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How to minimize the effects of increasing gas price

The 2017 season of hurricanes began disastrously with Harvey which hit strongly Texas. As hurricane Irma approached the coast of Florida, it was not just the price of orange juice that was increasing on the market: gas prices also reached a record that had not been seen since 2015.

Car owners will surely have to find alternative solutions if they don't want to devote a larger share of their budget to gas.

Gas chart

Carpooling and savings on a daily basis

Sharing your car on a daily basis can help you generate significant financial savings.

First of all, the annual cost of a car is about $ 7,000 - $ 13,000 depending on various factors: insurance, annual mileage, depreciation, maintenance, etc. By offering a few seats in your vehicle, one can save about $ 2,800 a year! Quite a sum that allows you to make a well deserved trip on holidays! When you look at the part of a budget that is usually spent for commuting by car, you'll see that carpooling is the easiest way to reduce expenses.

Ridesharing for a trip outside the city

Are you planning to hit the road in the near future and you have available seats in your vehicle? Have you thought about offering these seats on so that passengers can book your trip? This would allow you to meet interesting people and make your journey more enjoyable.

In addition, these passengers would help you to share the cost of the ride. For example, two passengers traveling from San Francisco to Los Angeles could contribute up to $ 100.

Start saving today! Post your rideshare offer or book your trip now

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