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New feature to post a ride on multiple dates

At, we are constantly working to improve the ridesharing platform by taking into account the many comments and suggestions left by our members. That's exactly why we've integrated this new feature.

Let's first remember that on, drivers can post daily commute carpools that remain visible until they are removed. For this type of rides, passengers simply contact the driver via message to establish an arrangement.

Voies de covoiturage

Long distance trips are rather subject to online booking and payment. They disappear, of course, once the date of the trip has passed. Previously, drivers had to publish separately the rides they made for different dates, even if the trip was the same. This is, however, a thing of the past with the feature allowing posting a ride offer for multiple dates.

How to post a ride for multiple dates

To use the new feature, you only need to post your first ride as you did before. On the confirmation page, you will now be able to post the reverse trip or the same one for up to 10 other dates.

Multiple dates feature

So, if you regularly make a long-distance trip, for instance from Los Angeles to San Francisco every Friday, you can now post this trip for a future dates in a few clicks.

Feel free to send us your comments regarding this new feature or other suggestions for improvement.

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