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Savings and other benefits of ridesharing

The economic benefits of carpooling are fairly well known by the population, although the extent of these may be difficult to calculate. offers you a portrait of the potential savings for your wallet and other benefits.

To further illustrate the benefits at stake, let's take the example of three co-workers who travel together five days a week in a compact car for commuting distance of 60km for a round trip.

More money in your pockets

Économies d'argent

Daily carpool provides the highest financial savings. To begin with, the annual cost of a car is about $ 7,000 - $ 13,000 depending on various factors: insurance, annual mileage, depreciation, maintenance, etc. By offering a few empty seats in your vehicle, carpooling saves about $ 2,800 a year! A nice little sum that allows you to make a beautiful trip in the south away from the traffic jams!

A great initiative for the environment


Beyond saving money, the environment also gains a lot from the growing number of carpoolers. One can reduce its carbon footprint by 1.5 tons per year simply by carpooling. To image the impact, the volume of this amount of CO2 can be contained in just fewer than 9 buses and would require about 11 trees in nature to offset its emission.

Time saving

Voies réservées covoiturage

If all solo drivers were to carpool, the problem of traffic congestion would be something of the past, but of course the reality is different. The network of carpool and high occupancy vehicle lanes is growing in several US states and other Canadian provinces. The use of these reserved lanes allows carpoolers to literally bypass road congestion and avoid the stress that accompanies it.

More and more governmental authorities are also implementing carpool parking lot, enabling colleagues traveling together to leave a vehicle on-site and continue the journey together!

Peace of mind

Other benefits of carpooling are much less known. It is believed, for example, that the accident rate would be lower when traveling with other people. Drivers would adopt safer driving behaviours and would be less likely to take unnecessary risks on the road when they have passengers under their responsibility.

The social aspect of carpooling is also an important benefit. Since the beginning of we have seen many friendships being created in a vehicle and we have even heard of romantic relationships that would have originated during a rideshare!

You are just a few clicks away from enjoying all these benefits. Post your rideshare offer or book your trip now

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