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What is the Guarantee

The decision to add bookings and online payment for long distance rideshare was motivated by a real need for greater reliability on this type of trip. Members sometimes ask us why it is not possible to pay the driver in cash. We explain the reasons in details to you today.

We studied for some time the dynamic of long distance rideshare on, as well as the major drawbacks of other ridesharing platforms that allow payment in cash. The conclusion was a serious problem of no-show!

Driver in a car

By paying directly the driver, people have no real commitment. Moreover, the passenger can simply change his mind without even warning the driver and without real consequence or compensation for the driver. Add to that the situations where the latter has to give back change to the passenger or even stop at the ATM to get his money. With all these inconveniences, many drivers sign up on to benefit from online payments and the best guarantee!

The guarantee in detail

The payment of a seat is completed online at the time of booking. keeps the money until the ride is confirmed completed. If the driver doesn’t show up he could be banned completely from the platform and the passenger will be refunded in full, in addition to getting a promo code for his next ride.

The passenger can cancel more than 48 hours and get back the full amount paid for the driver. For a cancellation less than 48 hours before departure, the driver obtains 50% of the amount. However, if the he cancels less than 2 hours before the ride or if he doesn’t show up, the driver gets 100% of the amount to compensate him. With this guarantee, the no-show rate has practically dropped to zero, creating at the same time an extremely reliable service!

So now that you know the benefits of our guarantee, it's time to hop on!


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