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What really corresponds to ridesharing and carpooling

With the rise of on-demand rides app such as Uber and Lyft in the past years, confusion was brought into the world of carpooling and ridesharing with those companies using these terms to describe them. We’ll explain once and for all what is really ridesharing and carpooling.

The definition of ridesharing can vary a little bit from a region to another one but certain guidelines remain. It involves a driver using his personal car who offers available seats for a daily commute or a trip he intends to make. Only the cost of the ride is shared but no remuneration is required. In other words, the trip is not made for commercial purposes.

Uber and Lyft started their operations with a marketing strategy that aimed to introduce their app as ridesharing-like services. Although in reality, on-demand rides app are basically taxi services without an appropriate license. Drivers do use their personal cars, but they drive around until someone requests a ride. Remuneration is also required, making it a commercial activity. Therefore it seems incompatible with the definition or ridesharing.


Elsewhere in the world, the French authorities even had to crack down on Uber which presented its service as carpooling. The company was later found guilty of misleading commercial practice and sentenced to pay over 100,000 euros.

Most governmental authorities actively promote ridesharing and carpooling as an effective and sustainable way to fight solo-driver cars, traffic congestion and environmental issues. Whether you are using for your daily commute or your long distance trips, you may drive in peace knowing that it is an absolutely legal activity. 

Don’t misunderstand us, on-demand rides app like Uber and Lyft are definitely here to stay and it is a fabulous service, but it is imperative to draw a clear line between their service and the good old ridesharing!

Now that things are clear, don’t waste a minute and post your ride or find a seat on!

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