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While sharing a ride, you must comply with your local requirements by Wearing a mask or a face covering.
Please note that the cancellation policy does NOT apply for the passenger or driver if one or the other does not wear his mask when boarding.'s blog

Kangaride vs discover the benefits

January 21, 2019

Are you wondering about the differences and benefits of comparing to Kangaride? We offer you the answers on a platter of money to allow you to find a passenger or a driver for your next trip quicker!

Do you have the right protection for damage accidentally caused to others?

September 10, 2018

Our partner Intact Insurance helps us to understand all issues related to auto insurance.

5 regions to enjoy fall foliage

October 3, 2018

Fall doesn't only bring sweater weather but also a magnificent coloration of trees in certain regions. Have a look at our list of locations to admire this sight. 


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